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Monolithic Concrete Dome

Sequence for Building Concrete Dome – Grass Valley, Ca

In 2012 we constructed a 1200 sf monolithic dome home

Foundation through Slab


The Dome shell “form” is visible from the exterior. This is suitable for weatherproofing, eliminating the need for a finished roof. It can also have stucco applied.

The process was:

  1. Set up form and secure to foundation ring
  2. Install air lock and fan. The fan was run 24/7 for the 10 days it took to complete dome.
  3. Build window and door frames  out. This was done by framing and bracing the window and door openings with PT 2×8′
  4. Install roof penetrations (plumbing vents, etc.)
  5. Spray 4″ of closed cell urethane insulation
  6. Install rebar cage. In this case the rebar was #4 at 12″ OC.
  7. Spray 4″ of shotcrete. We did this over 4 days about an inch at a time

Ten days and ready to install windows and doors. Cost was approximately 60,000 for the 36′ diameter shell.


The Completed Dome

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