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Master Project Management

Your ideas from concept to completion

We have assembled a team of architects, engineers and craftsman to design and execute your dream.There are several kinds of contractors. From single truck carpenters to large companies. Contractors are a diverse breed. Selecting the right fit for your project is essential to the success of your vision. To successfully execute a project requires management skills. Craftsman can be hired either as employees or subcontractors, but the “contractor” should be a good manager. It is more than bidding a set of plans, ordering some concrete and cutting some rafters. Quality project managers have a larger vision. They have the experience and perspective to prioritize tasks. Skill at scheduling, design and budgeting is critical to each projects success.

PastedGraphic-2011-05-26-14-07.jpg PastedGraphic1-2011-05-26-14-07.jpg

Our concept of project management begins with your vision. The next steps are:

  • Preliminary Design drawings and renderings
  • Cost scenarios
  • Architectural and engineering
  • Final budgeting and finish selections
  • Permitting
  • Construction

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