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We offer several unique programs to accomplish your design and building dreams.  Our Buy Old / Build New program is a viable option for building the home you want in today’s real estate market.  Master Project Management is our way of incorporating the best professionals for your project into a team.

Buy Old / Build New

Take a Banked Owned Property (REO) and turn it into your dream

Save 20% of the cost of a new custom home

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Don’t let the real estate market spoil your dreams. The confluence of low real estate costs for existing homes and increased costs to build new due to code changes has opened another door for folks still wanting to build a custom home. New building codes introduced in the last few years have dramatically increased the cost to build a new home. The State Fire Marshall’s mandate that all new homes have fire sprinklers (very expensive for those on well water), the urban wildfire interface and the new Cal Green codes have added costs for new home building into the tens of thousands. All NEW construction after January 1, 2011 is required to comply with these codes.



Using an existing home also allows for savings in infrastructure (septic, power, well, driveways and mature landscaping) that is already in place. Desirable existing neighborhoods and school districts are easier to access with the selection of an existing home.

We are developing case studies that demonstrate a substantial savings for our major overhaul plan. These overhauls are not remodels. The existing home in torn down to the foundation or subfloor with only walls that facilitate the new design left in place. All electric, plumbing, heat and air and finishes are new.  Insulation and windows are new and built to home performance specs.

Financing is more obtainable as the existing property is mortgage ready. It easier to get a line of credit on an existing home than a construction loan for a new home.


Master Project Management

Your ideas from concept to completion

A better way to build than the traditional contract format

There are several kinds of contractors. From single truck carpenters to large companies. Contractors are a diverse breed. Selecting the right fit for your project is essential to the success of your vision. To successfully execute a project requires management skills. Craftsman can be hired either as employees or subcontractors, but the “contractor” should be a good manager. It is more than bidding a set of plans, ordering some concrete and cutting some rafters.

Quality project managers have a larger vision. They have the experience and perspective to prioritize tasks. Skill at scheduling, design and budgeting is critical to each projects success.


PastedGraphic-2011-05-26-14-07.jpg PastedGraphic1-2011-05-26-14-07.jpg


Our concept of project management begins with your vision. The next steps are:

Preliminary Design drawings and renderings
Cost scenarios
Architectural and engineering
Final budgeting and finish selections

a better option in cost, quality and time than the traditional relationships between architect, contractor and owner.


contact steve@precisiondesignbuilders.com