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You Build It

The Truth About Home Performance

Home performance

Home performance is an extension on green building. If you are planning on exceeding code requirements in energy conservation enlisting a home rater will help you accomplish your goals. This applies to remodels more than new construction. Existing homes can be tested before, during and after upgrades are made proving the performance change. New construction […] Read More

Green building options

  There are many options available in the building industry. Green building and upgraded finishes are the current trends. Every decade has had it’s standard finishes from Formica in the 60’s to granite in the 90’s. The trend is that it keeps getting more expensive. Green building is a trend that will continue although I […] Read More

Starting Your Project


The next step in getting a project started is starting it.   We begin here. In the previous chapter we discussed the commitment you will need for a successful project.  We talked about the pros and cons of different building approaches: remodeling, adding on and building new.  You should now have a feeling for how […] Read More

What’s Your Plan

Construction by nature is rewarding and frustrating at the same time.  There is nothing like the feeling of looking at your finished project with pride. At that point all the frustration fades into the background and disappears.  You forget how earlier in the project you were staring at the footings full of water after a […] Read More

Is Solar right for you?

Had a look at your PG&E bill lately? Look a little closer if you are suprised. There is a page on each bill that looks like this: As you exceed the baseline quantities assigned to your area the rate increases.  Notice how the Tier 5 rate is 3 times as high as the baseline rate.  […] Read More


No matter the size or scope of your project you have got to have a plan.  It can be a full set of blueprints with specifications or it can be on a cocktail napkin.  Plans are the beginning of the project.  The minute you put the idea on paper the project has started.  The journey […] Read More

Master Project Management


Your ideas from concept to completion We have assembled a team of architects, engineers and craftsman to design and execute your dream.There are several kinds of contractors. From single truck carpenters to large companies. Contractors are a diverse breed. Selecting the right fit for your project is essential to the success of your vision. To […] Read More

Buy Old – Build new


> Buy Old - Build New Custom Home Building in 2011 Don’t let the real estate market spoil your dreams. The confluence of low real estate costs for existing homes and increased costs to build new due to code changes has opened another door for folks still wanting to build a custom home. New building […] Read More

Time, Quality and Cost


> Build it fast and good. Build it fast and cheap. Build it good and cheap. Project managers have long fought the triangle of fast, good and cheap. Owners generally want to achieve all three, but two out of three is all you get - unless you plan.The time, cost , quality paradigm has been […] Read More